Innovation Workshops at the IMF

At the 2021 Spring Meetings, innovation workshops brought together participants from the public and private sectors through virtual collaboration to tackle key issues. 

Watch Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva’s remarks on leveraging digital money to facilitate remittances.

Watch the panel discussion on climate-related data and disclosures.

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AntiCorruption challenge

IMF Anti Corruption Challenge

How might we create behavioral change and increased transparency to enable good governance and tackle corruption in the public sector? Learn more about the IMF’s support for developing innovative approaches to this issue and meet the winning teams here.  

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The Exchange: Conversations for a Better Future

Kristalina Georgieva and Brad Smith participated in a live conversation moderated by MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on how economists and technologists can collaborate to lay the groundwork for a better future. 

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Who We Are

The IMF’s Innovation Lab (iLab) was launched in September 2017. Its main task is to foster a culture of innovation across the institution. In a time of rapid change, digital transformation, and technological progress, innovation can help the IMF respond, and leverage these new mechanisms, to deliver its core activities in an agile, integrated, and member-focused way.

What We Do

The iLab serves as a problem-solving center, where staff develop new solutions, processes, and policies using new and cutting-edge skills. The iLab is a physical space that invites creativity, exploration of ideas; and a training and networking hub for innovation. The iLab partners with academics, CSOs, governments, and other multilateral organizations to encourage collaborative solutions for our member countries.

Why We Do It

The purpose of innovation at the IMF is to improve the Fund’s processes, ways of working, and ultimately, outputs, to more effectively further our mission and serve our member countries.

Former Managing Director Christine Lagarde shares her thoughts about innovation and about why it is critical to embrace and nurture a culture of innovation for the benefit of those we serve.