What We Do

The IMF works with countries to strengthen their economic institutions by providing technical assistance and training on critical economic issues.
This helps countries strengthen their economy and create more jobs.

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How We Work

The IMF shares its knowledge with government institutions such as finance ministries and central banks through hands-on advice, training and peer-to-peer learning.

This is delivered to countries via:

Expert advice delivered in-country and from headquarters

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Our Partners

Bilateral and multilateral partners finance about one half of the IMF’s capacity development efforts around the world. These partners include:

The Government of Japan: With 30 years of consistent support, Japan is the IMF’s longest-standing partner for capacity development, contributing $729.7 million in funding to date and supporting programs in more than 100 IMF member countries.

The EU
: Over the last three years, the EU has been the IMF’s largest partner, and has contributed about US$210 million since 2009 to help developing countries reach the SDGs.


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